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Cyber Monday Scentsy Sales and Corporate Specials!

Buy Scentsy Online | Shop Scentsy Specials for Cyber MondayWhether you braved the crowds and traffic in person for Black Friday or not, everyone is looking for the best deals online for Cyber Monday.

And Scentsy fanatics are no exception!

Buy Scentsy online at HelloScent.com’s web store — for the best Scentsy specials offered by Scentsy Corporate!

All of our Black Friday Specials are still valid and going strong…

Candy Shoppe Scentsy Warmer looks like a candy cane!Plus, don’t forget to visit our Scentsy Closeout section for great deals on favorites no longer available in our regular catalog … Many are perfect for the holidays like the Candy Shoppe (looks like a candy cane!) and Gingerbread Full-Size Scentsy Warmers.

Gingerbread Scentsy Warmer

Get ‘em before they are gone!

Reminder to pick up 2-for-1 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) Scentsy Specials on BOTH Scentsy Buddy (squeezable, lovable Scentsy for the whole family) and Scentsy Fragrance Foam.

What are you most excited to buy on Cyber Monday at home in your pajamas — or at work when the boss isn’t looking?

About the author: Jes Russo enjoys delivering the best customer service to her Scentsy customers and friends while helping new consultants “learn the ropes” of the business. She is a hard worker with a warm smile, committed to getting your Scentsy business off and running with a strong start. Besides loving her role as an Independent Scentsy Consultant, Jes is a blessed wife, stay-at-home mother, educator, homesteader and chicken farmer. Her love for her family, the land and all of God’s Creation suits her well and she is happy raising chickens, knitting and sipping a fresh cup of coffee. Some of her favorite Scentsy Scents include Toasted Apple Butter, Whiteout and Honey Pear Cider.

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